I think she may be confused.

Ever since I had my youngest daughter Ive been trying to make sure to find one on one time with my toddler. In the beginning it was almost impossible to plan my days but now that things have settled down and Vanessa is taking something resembling a nap on a semi regular basis, Ive been able to devote a few specific times a day to Sophia.
Every day we have our little rituals. Nap time stories, emptying the dishwasher and making the bed have become something we both look forward to.
Our favorite ritual by far though is Sophia's massage. I used to give S. a massage when she was little, every night after her bath. We both loved it. But as she got older and bath time became play time and after bath time became chase-the-wriggling-wet-screaming-toddler-through-the-house-time, our quiet massage ritual became a rarity. Then came the chaos of two under two and for several months we had no routine or schedule at all.
Ive now carved out a piece of (almost) every morning just after Sophia wakes up, and while Vinnie is down for her morning nap, for massage time. We use pretty smelling cream and rub her toes,legs, back, tummy and arms.
Ive been trying to use this time to teach Sophia the names of her body parts. Last week we talked about funny bones. Sophia thought this was the funniest name ever and every opportunity she got she would point her elbows and yell "funny elbows" while laughing uncontrollably.
This morning i spent a little time talking about her feet. I showed her her heels, her arches, the balls of her feet, and her toes. We also talked about the muscles in her feet and legs and how they all work together to help her run. She was very quiet all through our little lesson and when we were done she ran off to play.
Ten minutes later daddy came downstairs. Sophia ran up to him, sat down with a thump, lifted her feet in the air and declared loudly enough for the neighbors to hear.

"Look at my balls daddy! Look at them"

I couldn't help bursting out with laughter at his face. I rarely see my husband speechless so this was a treat. Of course Sophia saw my laughing and kept at it, spinning in circles and singing "dancing on my balls dancing on my toe-toes dancing on my balls"

I think she may be a little confused.

You really cant predict what a toddler will take from anything you teach them, i just hope she gets all the ball talk out of her system before we go to her grandmothers house tonight for dinner...

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