Spongebob theory

AKA why I think I'm having a girl

Anyone who's ever been pregnant knows there are a million old wives tales out there to tell whether you're having a boy or a girl. Women have been claiming their never fail techniques for centuries, from Chinese gender predictor charts, to wedding rings suspended over you belly, to analyzing and obsessing over cravings/morning sickness/ feet swelling etc. and for most of us they can usually be expected to be right, around 50% of the time.
I however have discovered an interesting new sign, I call it Spongebob theory.
Below is a picture of me in my first, second, and third pregnancies.  Each of these selfies were taken between 14 and 16.5 weeks. In the first two pics I am pregnant with girls, in the third, I am pregnant with a boy.
 OK, lets look a little closer. In pictures 1 and 2 you will notice that I have no butt. It became a running joke between my friends that the farther along I got, the smaller my butt got, and by 20 or so weeks in my first pregnancy I became known as Spongebob, because well, my butt was a flat square.
Pregnancy number 2 followed the same pattern, and was another girl, but I had yet to make a connection. Then along came pregnancy #3, and around 12 weeks something strange began to happen, my butt started to grow! I wasn't gaining any extra weight, but my body took on a whole new shape.
Around 14 weeks I began to suspect that just maybe, I was carrying a boy, and at 16 weeks it was confirmed.
Fast Forward to this pregnancy, once again no change in my weight gain pattern. Same symptoms as all my other pregnancies, but look.....

My bum is slowly disappearing.
In a few weeks I will know for sure and Spongebob theory will either be proved or disproved but in the meantime I thought I would add my own to the millions of theories out there.

Did you have any signs of what you were carrying? Was Spongebob Theory correct for you?

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