They're starting to work together

Sophia and her "liddle sisser"
but it's against me!

I always wanted my kids to be close. Close in age, and close friends as well. When I found out that my second pregnancy was also a girl, I felt that my eldest had lucked out, a built in best friend, what could be better than that? 
For the first eight months of my life as a mom of two, it was blissful contentment, Sophia really didn't notice the baby too much except to coo at her, or give her kisses and snuggles, she would tell everyone about the baby being " my liddle sisser", and there was always such pride in her voice. 
Then the baby began to crawl, and she loved to crawl to Sophia, or more specifically Sophia's toys. It was always whatever Sophia had that had the most interest to her baby sister. I knew that it was the beginnings of hero worship, but to Sophia it was this clumsy drooling monster intent on taking her things. All of a sudden poor Vinnie was less the "liddle sisser" and more the


Over time, and really not as much time as you would think, Vanessa began to relish her roll as the tormenting little sister.  I would watch her sit across a room from Sophia, who was oblivious to being studied, and I could see the plotting going through her sneaky little sister mind.  If I was patient, and I waited ( never long) I would be able to witness Vanessa's lightning quick attacks on whatever Sophia was playing with at the moment.  I swear, sometimes I felt like I was on safari watching the Cheetahs attack.


Now though, that Vanessa is fully mobile, and a lot more communicative, I'm noticing a whole new kind of relationship come about, almost a partnership, or maybe a dictatorship is a better word. Following her big sisters instructions Vanessa ( who's hands are the only ones small enough) has been caught many times pilfering snacks from the cupboard. Vanessa is now the one that scales down the backs of my furniture to get dropped toys, the one who is helped (pushed) over the baby gate in the living room to run amok.  On one hand I'm happy to see that they're learning to work together, and that they have each others backs, on the other hand, I'm dreading whats to come as their plans grow in scale and ambition.
I think yesterdays facebook stauts sort of sums it all up,

"Just heard a thump coming from the backroom where the girls are, followed by Vanessa crying, within seconds I also heard Sophia rush to her sister and say Shhh Vinvin its ok shhhh and a big kiss, my heart was warmed and i walked into the room just in time to hear Sophia say, shhhhh dont tell mom, shes coming now.


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