Making school mornings a little less painful

I have recently entered into unknown territory, I am now the mom of a school aged kid.  Our lives went from very little structure to strictly routine almost overnight, add in a newborn baby and the fact that the school is a forty minute walk from our house and you have a recipe for some crazy busy mornings. In the beginning our mornings were a gong show but as time has passed we seem to have fallen into a routine and found some small routines that really work for us.

Prep everyone's clothes, homework, and lunches the night before 
Morning are hard enough with everyone stumbling around half awake, anything that helps avoid the need to use my brain in the morning is a plus!

Invest in a programmable coffee maker
Because coffee makes everything better

Wake up half an hour before the kids
This one really sucks most mornings but having half an hour to eat, have a coffee and make myself presentable is usually worth it

Get a mommy buddy
And text each other every morning to make sure the other one actually woke up.

What helps you stay organized in the school morning chaos?

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  1. Nice tips you have shared for some of the Moms. Thanks for putting your ideas here to make school mornings a little less painful. Thank you.


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