It's over...

Take a deep breath and listen.
Can you hear those jingle bells? No? Me neither, and it couldn't have come soon enough this year.
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as anybody. The carols, the food, the family, it's wonderful. 
But it also comes with a ton of work, a million more things to dust, usually some drama, multiple family dinners, and just way too many things to cross off our to-do lists.
This year it also came with a stomach flu, crazy ice storm, power outages, and last minute grocery shopping thanks to said power outages.  
We did have a great time though, I got spoiled, hubby got spoiled, the kids got spoiled, we are a literal ton of food, and got to see family that we don't always get to see. It was fun, and exhausting.
Now it's time to clean up (even though the cleaning lady I asked santa for was conspicuously absent from under the tree) put away the decorations, relax, drink some leftover Christmas wine, and try to return to normalcy.  
Oh wait, that's right, the kids are still on vacation for two more weeks. Ok so maybe not as much cleaning will get done, and I probably won't be getting the tree down. Relaxing? Ya that's probably not going to happen either. 
Well, at least it's time for wine.

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