Hes skinny and Im cold

failure to thrive
I wonder how many calories
are in those fingers
Tomorrow I go and get Little Z weighed again.
This is the longest we've gone between appointments since this whole Failure to Thrive Debacle started.  I want to think hes gained, but I don't know.  At his last appointment he was just over eleven pounds, I'm hoping and praying that hes at least twelve pounds tomorrow.  If hes not, I think we'll be switching to chocolate formula.
I'm really lost on how this kid isn't completely round.  All he does is eat! I know a lot of moms feels that way, but I mean Literally.
I breastfeed for around twenty minutes and then give him a two oz bottle, he then falls asleep for about ninety minutes and then I breastfeed him again for twenty minutes, an hour or so later, we repeat. All day and all night.
And all day.
And all night

Hes definitely looking healthier though, he has the cutest little belly now, and his legs have a hint of pudge, which is an improvement over the chicken legs he used to have (cutest chicken legs ever), but hes still so tiny. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

S went back to school yesterday, and here in our little corner of the world, back to school was celebrated with an ice storm and -40 weather.
I may not have mentioned this before but I am not a fan of winter. Its a sad fact that I was born Canadian, because I would be more than happy spending the coldest four months of the year in the southern hemisphere, actually, I guess that makes me very Canadian.
Just walking S to the bus this morning was a joke, it took longer to get dressed than it did to walk, -40 is no joke.  Were talking sweater, snow pants, coats, hats, scarves, hoods, mittens AND gloves and still freezing my buns off.
Im ready for summer.
Its almost summer right?
If anyone needs me ill be browsing the Sunwing website and daydreaming about Aruba......

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