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I've always known that I wanted a big family, and I am so happy to have been blessed with one.  My house is full of love and laughter (and tears and tantrums some days too).
There are so many wonderful things about having kids, and a few scary ones too. The cost of post secondary education is high, scarily so, and it wont be going anywhere but up.  Combine that with the fact that the spacing of my children makes the possibility of having at least two students in college or university at the same time almost a guarantee, and you can see why I worry.

If each of my three children seeks a four year degree, the cost will easily reach six digits.  I want to help them with their educations, to give them the best start possible, but without having to remortgage my house!
My children each have an RESP that we contribute to monthly, but I worry that it wont be enough.   Recently I have been asking aunts, uncles and grandparents to forgo toys and clothes as birthday and Christmas gifts and instead contribute towards their RESP's.

Now that tax season is here, I also plan on contributing my tax return towards their educational savings.  It will give their saving a great boost, and is an easy way to get a few steps closer to our goals.
It so important to max out your contributions annually, in order to get the maximum Canadian Education Savings Grant from the government.  Each child is entitled up to $7200 over the lifetime of their RESP, that's free money.

Heritage Education Funds, is a leader in the Canadian RESP market wants to help make sure that you make the most of your RESP opportunities.  They have over 1200 reps across Canada who are eager to help you with this important planning.  With so many details and incentives, getting started may seem overwhelming, (did you know government incentives and grants can vary from province to province?) but with the right guidance and advice, you can be confident that you are making the right decisions.
Do you have questions about, or want to start an RESP for your children?  Heritage Educational Funds has almost 50 years experience in helping Canadian families save for their children's post secondary education.  They have helped over 400,000 children with their education costs and they want to help you as well.

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