Summer Bucket List

Last summer was a blur for me.  We had just moved into our new build home, and we were dealing with living in a mud pit.  Over the course of the summer we did a lot of work both inside and outside our home.  I was also hugely pregnant with Zack, but determined to make our first summer in a new town a great one for the girls, and I think overall, it was.
This summer I'm hoping to just take it easy and have a ton of fun with my family.  Ive made a bucket list of all the things I'm hoping to do this summer,

My babies are beach babies to the core, and while a tropical beach may not be on our agenda this summer, there are several great local beaches that are.

Last summer the park was our home base, and I'm hoping it will be this summer as well.

We are blessed to live in an area that is literally surrounded by nature at its finest, gorgeous beaches, conservation areas that are packed with wildlife, great hiking, the options to be outdoors are endless, and I plan on taking full advantage!

Living in a new build home has a lot of advantages, and a few disadvantages. last year my entire lot was a mud pit, but this year we have grass, a little garden out front, and a backyard.  Its a blank slate and I cant wait to fill it.  My mom is a garden guru, so I will be recruiting her help, and luckily shes already turned my girls into avid gardeners.

Because sometimes just reading a story of having a snuggle is exactly what we all need.

This is one bucket list addition that I am both excited and terrified about.  My husband is a purist when it comes to camping.  There will be no campground camping with showers and bathroom for us.  We go up into the woods like "real campers".  We've been camping a handful times since having kids, but never with a little one as small as Zack, so it will definitely be an adventure.

Whats on your bucket list this summer?


  1. What a great bucket list, Jaymi, and your pictures are fabulous! That view from the lookout looks familiar to me (but it's probably a different one). I hope your bucket list ends up completely checked off by the end of the summer :)

  2. That's a place called Eagles Nest in Bancroft Ontario, its such a beautiful peaceful place and the hike is nice and easy, perfect for kids.

  3. Great photos Jaymi! Yeah, I am not much of a camper either LOL! On my bucket list? Hmmm...I'll have to start one ;-)

  4. Great bucket list! We are currently working on our spring one. Will have to make note to add some of these to our summer bucket list as well! {Love how you tied the pictures into the bucket list/blog post}

  5. I love this list! It's great. I wish I didn't have a black thumb. Otherwise I would try to grow a few plants.

    I wrote a summer bucket list a few years ago (and I still need to update the post since I rebranded my blog).

  6. Great list and beautiful pictures. I have come to you through the Bloppies Facebook group.

  7. My bucket list is pretty much the same. Throw in some fishing, a few mini getaways and some shopping. But my oldest son is a competitive athlete so he will keep us busy too :)

  8. Love the bucket list ... we really want to go camping too. Last year our plans were foiled by the floods (as I worked quite a bit during that time) but I swear we're going this year!!

  9. What a great bucket list! Love your photos and I notice that you like a lot of the same things that I beaches and small gardening projects! I think you have made a very manageable list full of things that your kids will love! Wishing you a wonderful summer! Angie xo

  10. We've been in our new home for 3 years Jaymi and like you, the backyard is a pretty clean slate. We put the deck in last year and this year we'll focus on making it look pretty.

    Oh, and hopefully we'll make it to Boston ;)


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