5 Ways To Encourage Early Readers

When i was younger, it was my mom who started me on a path towards loving to read.  Not a day went by that I didn't see her face buried in a book, even if she only had five minutes.
Fast forward to today, and reading is still one of my favorite ways to unwind.  I may not have a lot of free time, but I take advantage where I can.
Now my eldest daughter is starting to discover reading, and Im so excited to share the world of books with her.  We're still early in our journey though, and right now our reading consists of letter and sound recognition and a handful of recognized words.
Here area few tips for how I try to encourage her, while still keeping reading fun!

1. Play word find
Find a book ( or several) and have your early reader search for one or two words they know throughout it. Each time they recognize a word, their confidence will grow.  Dr Seuss books are great for this.
Alternatively, you can pick a word in the morning and have your child look for it throughout your day.

2. Build On What They Know
If your child is good at recognizing a certain letter pattern, go with it.  Show them how changing out a single letter can create a whole new word.  Mop becomes pop becomes top and so on.

3. Use your surrounding
As you go about your day, point out words wherever you see them.  Billboards, store fronts, newspaper stands can all be impromptu classrooms.  Your child will love being able to use their knowledge in "the real world".  My daughter loves reading packaging as I make dinner.

4. Use their interests
Does your child like Mickey mouse? Base your lessons around words like ears, duck, mouse, bows.  If you have a Ninja Turtles fan, words like sword, pizza, and sewer will be a hit

5. Make a Big Deal
When they start to get it, cheer them on, call grandma and have her listen as your child sound sounds a word or story, and let your early reader know just how awesome they are.

How do you help your child learn to love reading?

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