Travel Spotlight - The Canadian Rockies

I remember the first time I ever saw the Rocky mountains.  I was on a short sunset flight from Vancouver to Calgary and I spent the entirety of it glued to my window.  I had never seen a landscape so rugged, so still, so beautiful.  I knew I had to see them up close.

When the chance to drive from Kelowna to Toronto presented itself last winter, I jumped.
It was a long drive, and the views were spectacular the entire way, but my favorite part was the first day, driving through the mountains.
We started to drive first thing in the morning, before the sun was even up, and by sunrise, we had hit the  foothills.  To call them hills is like calling a marathon a jog, the sheer size of the landscape is awe inspiring.  I sat in the car with my jaw hanging open as each turn revealed a mass of rock bigger than the last, before long you could no longer see anything out the windshield but rock.
 That first day of driving took almost eight hours, and I spent the entire time staring out my window, taking it all in.   I have been blessed to see quite a bit of Canada, and it always amazed me with it's natural beauty, but this was beauty on a scale that cant even be described.

 This was a dream trip, and a great tic off my bucket list, although I would love to do it again in the summer months.  It would be nice to have more than a day to travel through as well, I could easily spend a week between the hotels, national parks, and so many places to just stop, sit and enjoy the view.

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