8 Tips For Taking Better Pictures With Your Smartphone

You never want to miss that once in a lifetime picture, but it's not always convenient, or even possible to carry around your digital camera everywhere you go. Luckily the technology found in your smart phone can be as advanced if not more so than a lot of cameras on the market, so there's no excuse for not getting amazing shots on the go.  It just takes a few adjustments, a little know how and some practice.

1. Play with your Settings
Get to know the settings on your camera, make sure that your resoution is set to high ( giving you the highest possible quality), your delay is set as low as possible ( so you dont miss that shot) and your "shutter" sound is turned off ( so your not obviously taking a picture, essential with kids)

2. Turn Off Your Flash.
Your phones flash is not going to add any beauty to your photos, it will wash your subjects out, give them red eye, and overexpose them, so just turn it off,

3. Watch the Light
Once you start shooting without flash, youll pay more attention to the natural light in any given situation.  Try shooting some pictures at noon, and then again just before sundown and see the difference light can make.

4.  Shoot in Rapid Fire
make sure you get that shot by learning to shoot with your cameras rapid fire mode, which takes a series of photos one after the other.  This is great for fast action games of tag, or park shots

5. Don't Pose Your Subjects
try to find them in naturally pleasing poses that will look more natural and relaxed in a picture.  If you do need to get your subjects to stand still beside each other or an object, let them hold their bodies the way they want to, they'll resist less, and the photos will look more natural

6.  Keep It Clean
Your phone spends the majority of its time in your pocket or purse and it may not look dirty, but it is.  Spend a few seconds every day cleaning your lens with a lint free cloth to make sure your pictures are crisp and clear.

7. Watch the Background
If you can, make sure that the background of your shot is clear of anything that will distract from the subjects.  There's nothing worse than getting a gorgeous shot of your kids and then noticing the baket of laundry on the couch in the background.

8. Edit There are many amazing programs for editing your phones pictures on the market today.  Experiment with them and find some that you like to add the finishing touches to your pictures.

Happy Shooting.

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  1. These are really great tips! I love that we have iPhones (well, and other smart phones) that can do so much more than just be a phone... including making it super-easy to make and share photos and videos of our kids! Great tips! (Stopping by from Wordy Wednesdays link up!)


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