9 Ways to Beat Writers Block

8 awesome wayt to beat writers block

We've all been there.  Sitting in front of a blank computer screen, knowing you have to write something, Its what you do, but nothing is coming to mind.  Sure you have a ton of vague ideas and even some great ones floating around in your head somewhere, but wherever they are tonight, they're not coming out to play.
Writers block,  its a bloggers arch nemesis, and it happens to everyone.  For me, its usually a sign that Im starting to burn out., that the seemingly endless hours in front of the computer are taking their toll, and my eyes, and mind, are done.
Luckily there are a few things you can do to ease that block in your mind.  Here is what works for me.

1. Take a Break
Set a time and stick to it, whether its a 10 minute coffee break, a half hour phone call with your BFF, a two hour nap or even a weekend away.  Set your break time and stick to it.  I know its hard, but you need to give your mind a break to avoid burnout

2. Get a Change of Scenery
Staring at the computer is not going to help anything.  Get out, go grocery shopping, take a walk, go to the park.  Do anything but sitting in the house trying to think.  You can't force creativity.

3. Get Moving.
A little exercise could be exactly what you need to get the ideas flowing.  Go for a walk or a bike ride and enjoy the sensation of moving before you strap yourself back into your desk.

4. Think About What Your Writing. 
Are you writing about things that you love, or even things you enjoy? Its a lot easier to write about a subject you're passionate about, than it is to write about one you couldnt care less about.

5. Clean It Up
Take a look around, are you writing in a pig sty? Physical clutter can create spiritual and mental clutter so take a few minutes to spruce up your space

6. Be Prepared 
Carry a journal, or download an app that will allow you to jot down story ideas on the go, when you're stuck refer back to the journal for inspiration.

7. Break It Down
I very rarely sit down and write a post in one shot, usually it takes a few seperate "sessions" with it.  I may start with an idea, so I'll start a draft with just a title, then I'll go back and do an outline and save again, the I'll come back and polish it up for posting.  Like # 6, doing this allows me to always have something that I could be working on (usually several things)

8.  Read, Read, Read
Read inspiring things, whether they were written by you, or by someone whose writing you love.  Filling your mind with beautiful/funny/inspiring words can help point it in the direction you want it to go in.

9. Write Write Write
If all else fails, write, then write some more, and then some more. Even if all you're able to write is crap, the act of writing itself may be enough to get the creative juices flowing.

Hopefully the above tips help you with your acute problem, but there are also steps you can take to avoid the same trouble in the future.

1. Create a writing space.
It doesn't matter if its an office with a view, or a stool at the island in your kitchen (mine is the latter) Find a spot in your house that is comfortable, has some good lighting, a little counter space and a seat, and make it your "zone".   Having a dedicated working space in your home can help you to find the working space in your head.

2. Minimize Distractions
Plan your day so that you're able to write with the least amount of distractions possible.  For me that's "quiet time" which is still pretty noisy now that my eldest two don't take naps, but compared to the cacophony that I'm usually surrounded with, its practically spa-like. 
This is the time I make writing my priority, before laundry, dishes, email and every other distraction that I can ignore. Knowing that this is my writing time, and likely to be the only one I get, usually gives me focus.

3. Reward Yourself
If writing is all about work, it will become work in your mind.  Make it more enjoyable by sipping your favorite coffee, or listening to an album you enjoy while you write to make it more enjoyable.

I hope these tips have helped you, If you know of any others Id love to hear them.


  1. Great tips Jaymi!!! It perfectly works!!

  2. These are fantastic! Now matter the writer, we all get a blog now and again!


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