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Im a coupon fanatic, I am constantly clipping and printing to get the best deals. The problem is, it can be hard to keep organized, and im constantky finding expired coupons around the house, forgetting the ones i wanted at home, or picking up things at the store that I didnt realise i had a coupon for.

Thats why The Couponizer may has been a major asset to me. Invented by Amy Bergin, it has been called the “Hottest Coupon Accessory on the Market”

The Couponizer scomes with a wire-bound booklet, a guide to smart savings, a sorting mat for all your clippings, a shopping list, a monthly savings record, scissors and a carrying bag. The system uses 18 grocery categories organized like aisles in a grocery store, so finding coupons should be easy! It even has specific section for coupons youre planning on using this trip, and coupons that expire this month. Its amazing how much money you can save just by being organised!

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Happy Shopping


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  1. That is SO neat! I am going to have to check it out, I need to start clipping coupons. I just found your blog and must say I really enjoy it! I'm also excited that you're also expecting!!


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