I dont have a lot of options locally to buy cloth diapers in person, and once I made up my mind to try them out I was not willing to wait for the brands i had ordered online. So I went on a search, luckily it was a very short search as I found Sweet Pea Pocket Diapers at the very first store I tried.

"Sweet Pea diapers are the "most competitively priced multi-functional cloth diapers on the market"…..
Wonderful for your baby, superb for you, great for the environment and fantastic for your wallet!

We have brought together all the benefits of cloth diapering; absorbent, soft, environmentally friendly, ease of use styling and all the while maintaning, value pricing for you!"

diaper details
This pocket diaper is actually the one I wrote about here. I can not be happier about them, they dont leak, at all, not even overnight when my princess is in them for up to twelve hours. Not only dont they leak, the micro-fleece upper layer stays completely dry, even when the insert is so wet I could wring it out.
The first time I put one on her I was a little confused about the snaps, there are so many of them (This diaper is designed to fit 8 - 36 lbs by using several rows of snaps) but after a minute of fiddling around with them I figured it out. We used it around the house and I was impressed, no leaks at all, not even when she pooped while sitting in her bumbo chair, and as any mom who has a bumbo chair knows, thats quite impressive. Plus she looked absolutely adorable in it.
I was confident enough in them, that I even used one for overnight that night.
I am highly impressed with this diaper and I have recommended it to everyone I speak to, its a great value. They look great, and are available in some super cute colors; white, baby blue, baby pink, butter yellow,celery suede, apple green, indigo, bright yellow, black, sapphire. They have even won an Iparenting media award.
You can check them out here.

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