A weekend away and A great new store

Me, the hubby and little Miss S. jumped on the opportunity to spend a few days away at a friends cottage this past weekend. Its been a pretty stressful few weeks and we needed a break. Its funny, but I don't think we noticed how stressed out we both were until we were able to let go of it for a bit.We had a great relaxing weekend.
Normally I would have planned out every minute with fun "activities" for us but this weekend I decided to just go with the flow. I am so glad we did. We played board games, went to a craft fair in the adorable little town(more about that in a bit) , watched some kids jumping off a bridge into the river, we even spent an hour on the dock just watching the sunset. It was so nice to just be able to relax and not worry about anything but whats for dinner.

Oh, did I mention my hubby cooked ALL WEEKEND. It really was a treat.

I even managed to score some amazing deals this weekend. For those of you readers who happen to be in southern ontario, Im sure you know Vaughan Mills. Its the super shopping mall recently built right across from Canada's Wonderland. I stopped there on Friday while my hubby finished up a little bit of work he had to do.
Im not a huge fan of the majority of the stores but I always make a point of stopping by The Childrens place. This trip didnt dissapoint they were having a great sale and I managed to pick up the most adorable bathing suit for, get this, $2.99! Its perfect for our upcoming trip to The Mayan Riviera. They had a lot of great deals so I highly recomend checking it out.
While I was at Vaughan Mills I also stopped by Babies R us and picked up some Baby Legs for 4.99 a pair!
My best discovery though came form the Craft Fair we visited on Saturday. I am not normally a fan of crafts. I figured the stalls would be full of things like this little jewel. I am so happy that i was wrong, there was some seriously cute stuff, ranging from flavored honeys, really cute dishwear, some adorable baby clothes and a lot more.
The best stall though was called Penelope Picklebottom. The name made me giggle, it was somehow familiar...
The wares however were not the knock off diaper bags and blankets I was expecting but the most adorable hats and headbands! I was like a kid in a candy shop, poor Miss S. was forced to try on about twenty different hats and she was not happy about it. She hasnt really picked up her mommas love of shopping yet I guess.
My faves though were an adorable blue flowered headband and brown crocheted beanie with a bow. I was happy to learn that she has a website you can shop from and also does custom orders. I will definitely be ordering a few more.
You can check it out here.
Heres Miss S modelling her newest headwear.
All in all, It was a really great weekend. I am so glad we took the time to reconnect as a family, and just spend some time together.
Happy Shopping

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