and then there were names

We have our names picked! I never thought it would happen.

Picking names this time around turned out to be way harder than either of us anticipated. With Sophia it was so easy, we loved the name Sophia, that was it. A boys name was a little more difficult but we eventually decided on Nikolas.

This time around I must have brought up 2500+ names to my husband and he hated them all. It was at the point where i was just going to give up and we would let the nurses in the hospital decide.

Our first challenge came with picking a boys name, I still liked Nikolas, but I wasnt sure about it. There are so many great names out there. Would Hunter or Mason suit our baby boy better? What about Greyson or Jett? After a few days of deliberations though we had made a decision for a boys name. It wasn't too traumatic.

Then came the search for a girls name. I pored over list upon list, i read all the film and television credits in super slow motion, I pored through magazines, searching for that perfect name for our little princess.

I fell in love with Olivia, Emmerson, Madison, and Brooke, my wonderful husband hated them all. I brought up Alison, Maya, and Diana, not the right name he said. Charlotte, Ava, Addison, Harper, Scarlet and Grace all got shot down. I brought up Abigail, thinking Abby was such a gorgeous nickname, he asked if we were having a senior citizen or a baby. Nicole, Natalie, Hannah and Leah were out because he had dated one of each. Nothing was fitting, I was starting to think we were going to have a nameless baby.

But then it happened, I read him a name and he liked it. I was elated. We had a name!


I called family and friends to let them know. I celebrated.

Then, fifteen minutes later, he came to me and said he had changed his mind, he wasnt sure he liked Veronika anymore, and didn't my cousin have an ex named Veronica? My heart dropped, we were so close I thought. But, to my amazement he said why don't we name her....

I was amazed, it was a great name, and not only was it a great name, he had actually thought of one himself! So now he has used his one power of veto and we are settled.
So without further ado,

drumroll please,

our names are

Nikolas Anthony Fillier or Vanessa Leigh Fillier

and that's my final answer.

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