You too can be a (semi)extreme couponer

I have recently become addicted to the show Extreme Couponing on TLC.
I am amazed at the deals these women are able to get, and while I may not be willing to spend 60+ hours a week getting ready to go grocery shopping, it has definitely inspired me. Unfortunately what i quickly discovered is that here in the great white north couponing is not as easy as it is in the US.
Most of these women rely on loyalty cards loaded with ecoupons (not available in ca), coupon stacking (not available except at one chain of stores that isnt in my province), and stores that offer coupon doubling (again nowhere in canada). Another hurdle Ive come up across is the refusal to accept printed coupons found on the internet.
What i have discovered though is that there are a lot of brands and websites that alow you to order coupons that are then mailed to your home. And while the savings dont add up to the hundreds (thousands) that the shoppers of extreme couponing are enjoying they can add up. I was able to save $27 off of a $100 shopping trip last week, and next week im hoping to do the same. It may not be much but it can add up. ($27 saved off of a biweekly shopping trip can add up to over $700 a year).
If you want to get started with your own no-quite-extreme couponing these sites are a great start;
(note all require you to sign up using your email)

and my personal favorite which is a great site because not only does it link you with new coupons mulitple times a day, it has also cataloged all the couponing policies for most of the larger stores in Canada. The best part about MrsJanuary though, in my opinion, is the coupon match up. Once a week the site will list all the sales that the major retailers are offering (from their flyers) and automatically match up the deals with recent coupons, this is a great way to save a ton of $$$, or even get things for free!
Check it out here, MrsJanuary

Happy Shopping


  1. I love Extreme Couponing on TLC too. And thank you for the coupon site. I use it every time I go shopping!

  2. Im so glad it helped, Ill be posting some of the new sites Ive found soon so keep checking in.


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