Shes growing up

My big girl all dressed up for school
A few days ago, i took my baby to her kindergarten information night.
I still don't understand how she's old enough for this!
I have wavered back and forth between signing her up or not. Being a December baby, she is going to be the youngest in the class, and I really didn't know if shes ready. Three years old seems so young to be gone all day. Ive recently had to accept though that if I keep her home, it would be for me, not for her. Shes a little social butterfly, and I know shell love being in class with all the other kids.  Whether I'm ready to let her go or not, I think the best thing for her, is to go.
So we went to the initiation night, and I expected her to be excited, nervous, and shy. She was none of those things, she loved it. She jumped right into every activity, she showed off her counting, she used the giant computer, she asked questions, she loved every minute of it.
My little girl is so ready for school.
I don't think Ill ever be ready to let her go, and her taking this first step towards being her own person is really hard, a lot harder than i thought it would be, but seeing how she blossomed in that classroom, and hearing her talk about how shes so excited to start school, is making it a little easier. It's also bringing back memories for me. I loved school, and I hope she does too. At least it looks like were off to a good start. 

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  1. Your girl is so cute! I'm also in the process of looking for preschool for my girl. I'm not sure if she's ready yet...but she seems very quiet among other kids...


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