Taste of Summer

Do you ever have a recipe stuck in your head?
Something you've seen somewhere, or thought up, and you just know you wont get it out of your head until you try it.
That happened to me recently with this recipe from Canadian Mommy Blog, Mon Petit Amour

Last night I was getting everything ready to make a balsamic steak salad, when it occurred to me that I did not want to eat it, like at all. 
This seems to be a very common theme in this pregnancy.
What I really wanted was the fish tacos that i read about a few weeks ago. So I packed the kids up and headed to the grocery store.
I'm not a fan of basa, so I subbed in tilapia instead, ( I think halibut would be amazing as well ) and let me tell you, these were the most amazingly satisfyingly delicious tacos I have ever had. Even the girls ate them, and considering the fact that they contain neither cheese nor cheese sauce that as close to a miracle as I can ever hope to get!
They tasted fresh, and are a perfect summer meal.  I will definitely be making these again soon.

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