Fear After The Fact

Its been eight long days since Zak had his seizures and so far, *knock on wood* he hasn't had any more. That fact hasn't stopped me from having a mini heart attack pretty much every time he blinks though. Thankfully every day that passes I am starting to feel a little more comfortable and we seem to be slowly returning to normal.
The worst part for me has been not knowing what happened.  What caused the seizures?  Was it something he ate? Was it stimulation from his exersaucer or the TV? Was he exposed to a toxin that I don't know about?  The not knowing is hard and as he is approaching an age where he will be exposed to so much more very soon, its almost terrifying.
I had planned on starting Z on veggies last week, but that went out the window.  I almost feel ready to try now again, but its like every choice I make is playing Russian Roulette.  My hubby says I'm not allowed to buy him a bubble though, so I'm going to have to get used to this feeling.
We have a few more tests next week, so well see how it goes...

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