8 Things I love About Spring

Spring is here

Breathe in, Breathe out.
We made it.
It was a long cold, snowy, windy,  dark and gloomy winter but today,  is the first official day of Spring.
So put away your winter boots, say goodbye to wind-chills and join me as I celebrate with

10 Things I love About Spring!

1. The Warm Up
Depending on where you are, it may not feel like it, (this is Canada after all) but the weather is soon to get a lot nicer!  Its been a long winter, the longest one in my recent memory and I cant wait to feel a little bit of sun and a warm breeze on my face.

2. Nature
Spring is all about nature waking up.  The birds come back, the butterflies come back, plants start waking up and trees start to bud.  I love the feeling of renewal that comes with spring.

3. Rain
Ok, so maybe I don't love rain, but I love that its not snow, and rain means rain-boots which are so much cuter than snow boots.

4. Sunshine
I cannot tell you how much I missed the sunshine over the winter.  There's just no way to avoid happiness when the sun is shining, it make everything feel bright and clean and  joyful!

5. Going For Walks
Our family loves to get out and walk, whether its to school, around the neighborhood after dinner, or hiking at a local conservation area.  Its  great way to stay active, burn energy and just enjoy being together.

6. Pastels
My closet is rejoicing in its bright pastelly happiness, creams, purples, blues, and pinks! I love color and I love spring colors the most!

7. Easter
because, chocolate

8. The Day After Easter
Because, clearance chocolate!

And a bonus that might just be of all my favorite thing about spring,
Summer is just around the corner, and how can that not make you smile?

What do you love about Spring?

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