Huggies Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit


 My youngest is a little bruiser lately, he's come far from his days as a scrawny little newborn and seems to think hes ready to take on the world!
His eyes are constantly following my girls around the room, and where they are, he wants to be. This has its advantages, in that I can leave my big girls to entertain the baby while I clean up or make dinner, but it also has some downfalls, the biggest of which is a baby that cant wait to grow up.
He will not stay still!  He has been army crawling for a few weeks now, and I don't think real crawling is far behind.  Hes even begun pulling himself up on things. Hes not even seven months old yet!

This constant activity makes it hard when I need him to sit still, bedtime is a gong show, its like he doesn't know how to be still and calm, and don't even get me started on diaper changes. When my eldest was going through this stage, I learned a trick to changing diapers that i still use this day.  

How to change a squirmy baby in 5 easy steps

  • Tackle baby   gently lay baby down
  • Roll baby onto his/her back 
  • place your feet gently on his shoulders 
  • Attempt to change baby as he fights you like a rabid octupus
  • Don't laugh at the ridiculousness of what you're doing or the baby will want to play even more
That's why I was so excited when Huggies gave me the chance to try their slip on diapers, anything that makes it easier to change a diaper on a moving target is a welcome product in this house.  Huggies Slip-Ons give you the option to either slip the diaper on like a pair of underwear or, use the tabs like a normal diaper.
I was a little concerned with fit,  I have two very different shaped kids still in diapers,  but I shouldn't have been, they fit my super skinny 2 year old and my chunktastic 7 month old equally well.  The stretch in them make them a great #FirstFit.

Huggies wants you to try their slip on diapers too, theyre offering a $1 off coupon to everyone who registers with  ($1.50 off if you share with three friends)
"I am part of the Huggies Slip-On blogger program with Mom Central Canada and I received product samples to facilitate my review as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


  1. When I first try Huggies when my girl is a new born, Huggies just leaks ... so since then I never have the courage to try Huggies again...Pampers is fine...I guess it really depends on the child...
    Maybe the slip on would be better...I'm struggling with toilet train as well...oh well.

    1. I've found that as my babies grow and their bodies change, I have used different brands and styles to achieve the best fit. Its a constant guessing game I think. Good luck with potty training.


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