Eliminating Germy Messes with Lysol® No Touch Antibacterial Hand Soap

It has been a long time coming but spring is finally here.  I have been waiting for what feels like an eternity! 

This year, I finally get to work on my garden.  There are a lot of benefits to buying a new build, but a nice lawn and garden are not part of them, at least not in the beginning.  Its been almost eighteen months since we took possession of our home, and I still don`t have a fence up in my back yard, needless to say, my gardening options are very limited.

Luckily, my front yard is ready to go.

Last year my sod was laid just at the end of the season, and I did some quick planting, but it got cold so quickly afterwards that I was worried nothing would come back.  Some things did though, and its given me a little bit of a head start to planting.  My hostas were the biggest surprise, they were so tiny last year, I really didn't have any hope that they would have survived the winter, but not only did they survive, they seem to be thriving.

This year, on my moms advice, I plan to concentrate on building up my perennial garden.  That way there's a good base to work with every year.  So far I have the hostas, a small pink rose, a few decorative grasses, some hydrangea and bleeding hearts. I have my eye on a weeping Japanese Maple as well, and some clematis vines, but I’m not quite sure where they would work yet.  I've also planted a few annuals for some color, and of course my favorites, succulents.

Of course I haven't been doing any of this work alone, I have had my two best helpers beside me every step of the way.  They love to get outside with their gardening gloves and knee pads, and really dig into the dirt. And I have to say, for a toddler and a kindergartener, they really have a knack for planting.  I love watching my clumsy Vanessa gently pull apart the roots of a new plant, and Sophia loves to "tuck the plants in" with the dirt and mulch.

As you can imagine, we all usually end up pretty dirty after
working in the garden, and its times like these that I am thankful for my Lysol® No-Touch Antibacterial Hand Soap System.  My kids can go into the bathroom and wash their hands on their own without me having to worry about them using half a bottle of soap, because the perfect amount is dispensed for them when they put their hands in front of the sensor.  They even look forward to washing their hands because they can do it all by themselves, and the Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E scent apparently smells like perfume.

The Lysol® No Touch Antibacterial hand Soap System is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, or anywhere that you’re dealing with germy messes, because it means one less mess you have to make as you clean up. There’s nothing worse than having to wash your soap dispenser after you’ve washed your hands.  You’ll love the great scents like refreshing citrus, and even more, you’ll love never having to touch a germy soap pump again.  

You can get yours at your local grocery store, and for a limited time Lysol is offering a Try it Free Program (via mail in rebate) so head over to the Lysol website to claim yours and get your coupon for $1 off any one Lysol hand-soap, (Foam Refill,   Lysol® No-Touch Refill, and Antibacterial Hand Soap).

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  1. Haha I'm scared to let me son "help" in the garden! He loves washing his hands, to the point of "Oh My Gosh we JUST washed them 2 minutes ago" however, I think he'd love to see how this product magically appears in his hands. I should probably get some! :)

  2. love that you garden with your kids! i have to do more of that. i totally need to get a lysol no touch system, my son would go wash his hands just for fun instead of being forced to!

  3. I think these no touch systems are great. My friend who is a nurse swears by them because it reduces the germs on the handle of the pump. Love your gardens - they are coming along nicely :)

  4. I love the No Touch systems, I just wish that they had normal soap options too, not just antibacterial.

  5. This is super fun and convenient! My kids love how they can run into the kitchen or bathroom and independently wash their hands with no fuss :)

  6. We had a no touch system at our old house. I think it got lost in the move. My girls love to garden with me. I love to watch things grow. I am looking at adding more no touch stuff in my new home because it's perfect tech for kids, isn't it. Even with the lights in certain rooms. I think this makes sense.


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