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Its 6:03 AM, and as I walk downstairs, carrying the baby that kept me up all night, I feel like I could sleep another 17 hours.  I walk into my kitchen and deposit Zack into his highchair, all the while searching in my mind for a chunk of time I may have today so that I can sneak in a nap, but between the school runs, grocery shopping, work, ballet and a PTA meeting, I know its not going to happen

The girls are sitting in their jammies at the table, eating their breakfast and arguing about who's shirt has more glitter, and my hubby is grabbing his lunch, about to slip out the door for work.  Before he does though, he hands me a hot cup of coffee, and gives me a kiss.  Then, its just me, three kids, and a to-do list about a mile long.  I sit at my kitchen island and sip my coffee, and as I feel that first sip hit my soul, the world starts to have a bit more color.
I have always been a coffee drinker, its a part of who I am.  Even when I was pregnant, that morning routine was essential to me, I just switched out my regular blend with decaf.  Its not the caffeine that matters, its the ritual.  Waking up to smell the coffee brewing, and taking those few minutes to ease into the chaos of morning, sipping my hot coffee and planning my day.

Ive never really been a coffee snob, in fact I enjoy pretty much any blend, and I can enjoy a good strong black espresso or a sweet cappuccino equally.  I love trying out new and different flavors.  Its actually a highlight for me, when we travel, to try the local coffees and coffee drinks.
I recently came across a quiz from Single Jo Coffee, that said it could tell me my perfect roast.  I took the quiz and found at that I am in fact , a Trailblazer
"You are a SingleJo Trail-Blazer! You're like Indiana Jones on a tenacious pursuit for the next adventure that will awaken your senses. You don’t ask the question ‘why’ but rather ‘why not?’ But don’t be fooled Trail-Blazer, you are not reckless in your decisions, instead you recognize there will be challenges and you are willing to face them head on. Always starting with the end in mind – as the trailblazer you know what you want in a coffee to help you laugh in the face of danger!"
I have to say, I agree with them! I've always pictured myself a little like Indiana Jones, trekking through the piles of laundry to find the dryer,  trying to outrun the restless natives in the kindergarten room at school drop off, bravely exploring new lands in the kitchen, in a desperate attempt to find a non-pasta food that my toddler will eat.


Apparently, Trailblazers, like myself appreciate a dark or medium roast, and so I decided to go with it and order some "Pirates Gold".  I've gotta say, they had it right.  I really enjoyed it.
Pirates Gold is a dark roast with a strong flavor that actually reminded me of a coffee I had in Puerto Rico, very flavorful and not too bitter, and it smelled divine.  It's  great cup of coffee to sit with and enjoy in the few quiet moments I have in the afternoon while the littles nap, before 3:30 comes and I hit the (play)ground running again.
Why not take the test yourself, and find out if you're a trailblazer like me, or maybe you're a visionary, or a maverick, either way Single Jo will be able to point you in the direction of a blend that you are going to love.
And while you're there don't forget to take advantage of their awesome father day sale, and save 15%.
Happy sipping :)

Disclosure: I received samples of SingleJo coffee to facilitate this review, all opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


  1. What an awesome mug!!! I will admit I don't drink coffee that oftem, but there are just some mornings where I NEED a coffee to get me through the day

  2. I have never heard of this coffee. I am sort of a coffee snob. When I find one I like, I tend to stay with it and not venture off unless I'm completely out. Some coffee is better then no coffee!

  3. The Pirate Gold sounds pretty good! I like dark roast!

  4. "Pirate Gold", I love the names of the coffees!


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