Travel Spotlight - Paseo de la Princesa - Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is a gorgeous old city, full of Spanish architecture and gorgeous Caribbean colors. There is no grey or beige anywhere in the city, even the cobblestones are bright blue!

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

One of the biggest attractions in Old San Juan is the Castillo de San Cristobel, and wrapped tightly around its walls, is a beautiful little pathway called the Paseo de la Princesa, or The Princess Walk.
Me and my husband discovered this pathway by chance while we were walking around one afternoon.  To walk the entire pathway took us a few hours, and it was so scenic and beautiful, with the tall old walls, ancient trees, beautiful statues, gorgeous ocean views, and an overall feeling of serenity.

Walking along the secluded path outside the walls of the old fort, seeing the look-outs along the way, its easy to imagine the city as it was hundreds of years ago.

I have a habit when travelling of trying to pack a ton of activity into every day, it was nice to have a chance to just relax and explore.  We ended up dawdling until very late, and we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset.  This was definitely a high point on our visit to Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

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  1. it's been many years since I've been hear. i'm hoping to plan a getaway to see family one day soon


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