Dyson Digital Slim

You know that saying " You can't have it all" It has never been more true in my life as it has been since I became a mom.  The dream of happy kids, happy mom, clean house, dinner cooked is actually so unrealistic most days that if I do actually manage to achieve it, its a humble-bragging Facebook status opportunity.

Usually of the big 5 ( happy kids, happy mom, work, dinner, cleaning), its the cleaning that falls by the wayside. Its not that I don't love a clean house, I do ( and I'm sure my husband does as well but he's smart enough to stay quiet). Its just that my days are made up of a series of "must-dos" and the chunks of time in between are all I have to work with.  The morning rush, the bus drop off, lunch, afternoon nap, bus pick up, dinner, bed-time these are the daily pressure points I work with, everything else sort of has to fall in where it can.

I have a pretty good schedule for the big things, most days I manage to keep my main floor in relatively good shape, a load or two of laundry, beds made, and vacuuming usually all happen on a daily basis as well. Anything beyond that though, and there's no guarantees.
One of my biggest cleaning challenges is the carpet.  When we bought our new build, we planned on installing hardwood.  Unfortunately it has yet to happen (hint hint hubby)and we are currently still living with our builder beige carpets.

Light beige carpets + two cats + three kids = a lot of vaccuming

I vacuum every day and its not enough, my one black cat seems to think that her entire purpose in life is to coat my house in her fur, my kids who follow the "eat at the table" rule so well while I'm in the room, apparently roll in their food on the carpet the second my back is turned, and I'm pretty sure that trolls walk through my living room at night with their shoes on.

Now we have an added bonus in the house, Zack has become mobile, and I'm pretty sure that his entire motivation for movement is the never ending hunt for "Floorios".
Honestly, I would need to vacuum at least three or four times a day to stay on top of it, which is just not going to happen with my big vacuum.

That's why, when I had the chance to try out the Dyson Digital Slim, I jumped. I love my Dyson Animal, its a sucking machine, and the Digital Slim promises to be just as effective, but in a much smaller, easier to handle package.

"DC62 has more suction power than any other cordless vacuum. The combination of the Dyson digital motor V6, 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones and a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery makes this possible."

I am so impressed with this vaccum, its just so convenient.  Cat fur on the stairs? Gone.  Floorios? Gone. Kids tracked in dirt? Gone.  All without the hassle of unwrapping cords and lugging around a big vacuum.  Its so ridiculously convenient that I find myself using it everywhere form dusting the baseboards, vacuuming the drapes, I even vacuumed the top of my TV. 

With so many different tools and attachments, you really could clean your entire house with this one vacuum, and thanks to the trigger style power button, the battery would more than last.  This is definitely my new favorite cleaning tool.

The Dyson Digital Slim DC62 retails for $549.99 and can be purchased at Walmart, Future Shop, Sears, The Brick, or at www.dysonscanada.ca.


  1. I have a Dyson and just love it.. I must try this one as it takes less room in my laundry room

  2. I don't have pets but I have two boys who turn our apartment upside down all the time and yes, a powerful vacuum is what I need!

  3. Wow, I want one! We had carpets in our old place and like you, I let the vacuuming fall behind... although our carpets were better at hiding the dirt! Now we have hardwood and I'm finding the dirt doesn't hide. I've heard amazing things about Dyson and would love to get one. :)

  4. My name is JENN and I'm a vaccuuming-aholic. I am totally drooling over her! I have a dyson pet vacuum for my carpets upstairs, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these for my hardwoods! With three kids, a dog and a husband, I am constantly vacuuming. I need this Dyson!

  5. Great review! I'm going to check out the Dyson Digital Slim DC62. It looks like a great one for our living room, actually!


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