Suncoat Nailpolish

My daughters love getting me to paint patterns on their nails, the problem is, today they want polka-dots, but tomorrow they may want flowers, or glitter, or rainbows, or all of the above! I don't mind the painting, its nice to spend a few quiet moments with my littles, but I do mind the excessive amount of chemicals involved, especially in the harsh polish removers.
When we were given a chance to review SunCoat Girl childrens nailpolish, we were all excited.  I let my eldest pick out her favorite from the 30+ available shades, and *surprise surprise* she picked all shades of pink.  She is definitely my girly-girl.

We have played with these polishes a few times now, and I love how bright and cheerful the colors are. Two coats will give a bright pop of color, and its easy to use for patterns as well. the best part of all though, is that to remove it you simply soak their fingers for a few minutes and it peels right off chemical free. They can even remove it themselves after bath time.

If you've got a little fashionista or two at home, you can order SunCoat Girl from Nail Polish Canada, and get free shipping.

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  1. This looks like a great brand to try. Its so hard to find safe nail polish!


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