Volunteering for the Zoo Trip

One of the best decisions I ever made regarding Sophia's schooling was to volunteer.  I have been as involved as possible in both the PTA and class activities.  I had a million excuses not to, (Zack was only 7 days old at his first PTA meeting) but it was so important to me to be active in her schooling.
Its definitely been interesting some days, having the younger two kids always with me has made some tasks very different then they would have been solo, but its been a ton of fun too! Ill always remember the sight of my middle baby pulling a cart loaded with fundraising supplies from classroom to classroom, and yelling "here you go guys" as she handed them to the teachers.
There are tasks that weren't all that fun, like stuffing envelopes for hours;  and some that were a blast, like volunteering at the school dances.  My favorite volunteer hours though, have been joining the school trips. Yesterday I got to tag along with the kindergartners on their trip to the zoo.

Its so much fun watching Sophia as she interacts with the other students.  My shy, introverted little princess has really blossomed into a social butterfly this year.  The very first trip I chaperoned was to the pumpkin patch, and that day she clung to me, scared to leave my side, but yesterday she was all over the place, running and playing with her friends, sharing inside jokes, and just being a happy confident kid.  Its so great to see, and I'm so happy that I am able to see this side of her.
Its funny, I started volunteering at the school, so that I could give my time, my creativity to them, but I have received so much back in return, and as the school year winds down, I'm almost sad, I cant wait to do it all again.

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